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SOPA: It’s Gone But Is It Dead?

In defiance of SOPA Keep Calm & Shutdown your Government
SOPA was proposed by a Texas Republican called Lamar Smith (who shortly became the most hated man on the internet) in the House of Representatives in October 2011. Frankly speaking, SOPA was hugely backed up by the American film and music industry as they are claiming the loss of billions of dollars due to illegal content sharing and distribution performed by file sharing websites such as Megaupload, Rapidshare, Fileserve…, torrent websites such as ThePirateBay, Sumotorrent, Torrentjunky… and other types of websites such as forums and social networks… the internet community response to this claim was sharing a photo of the famous American rapper Lil’ Wayne sitting on the top of a money mountain wearing gold chains and designer labeled clothes along with a sarcastic caption “guys! You make the artists poor when you share their music for free!” Read more

How To Make Your Youtube Videos Viral

Make your youtube videos viral

Hello again YouTubers!! I know that you are roaming the YouTube site the whole day trying to promote for your YouTube Video and make it more viral, that's why today I am going to review this video that talks exactly about this issue. This Video is actually a Manual that shows how to easy share your youtube videos on most important Social Media to  How to make your YouTube Videos more VIRAL presented by Dereck Celis.

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Social Media and Journalism Today

Social media & Journalism today Social media and journalism today
Is the Social Media a Short Trend?
Julia response was that it is the exact opposite as the game has been changed as the use of the blogs and twitter in supporting the revolutions In Tunisia, Egypt and Libya… and how the information has been delivered despite of keeping the reporters out of the country and arresting them and how all the population have become journalists and kept updating the situations in their country on their facebooks and twitter,etc which greatly helped the succes of their revolution. The informations is still flowing and continues thanks to the social media… The future of content is conversion and the flow of information is going to be much more fluid. Actually offers a good future for the news paper industry and democracy in the whole world. Read more

The Power Of Cartoons

Patrick Chappatte - The Power of Cartoon The Power Of Cartoons

In this article I am going to talk about the Power of Cartoon and how far It can impact our lives and relationships. In my researches I found an article that exactly talks about this sensible case put up in a divertissement way.

This short video is a one man show presented by Patrick Chappatte. He is generally speaking about how cartoon is involved in politics and war, and what are the conflicts resulted from mal-uses of this powerful tool. He also discusses how the pencil can illuminate serious issues and bring the most unlikely people together in a humorous context using comedy to get closer to the public’s hearts and be able to deliver his message to them.

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Hot Triggers – the power to change human behaviours!

Hot Triggers – the power to change human behaviours!
A hot trigger is a call to action that I can act on right away. An example would be a link in my email inbox that calls me to act, like an emails I get from Facebook that tells me that somebody has tagged one of my photos. So what is happening, first I just want check my emails and some minutes later I find myself spending time on a Facebook page looking photos, this behaviour wasn’t planed or let’s better say it was not planned by me, it was planned by some Facebook guys . Read more

The secrets of Facebook – Why is Facebook so successful?

The secrets of Facebook – Why is Facebook so successful?
There are lots of Social Media Platforms but not one is as successful as Facebook. Why? What makes Facebook more successful than other Social Media Platforms? What is the real secret behind the Facebook Success? I don’t believe that Facebook has a better usability or a better design than other Social Media Sites. Too Facebook does not have much better features then other Social Media Services like, MySpace, Friendfeed, Plaxo, Tumblr, etc. Read more

Google confirms that Social Media Links Influence SEO

Google confirms that Social Media Links Influence SEO
Does Google confirm that links from social media have influence on rankings? Over the past years Google has added many social search features. There has been talk about using social signals to help rank regular search results. Read more

Twitter Nike shoes – shoes for Tweeters

Twitter shoes - shoes for tweeters
:-) Now I don't know which Shoes I like more the Twitter shoes for Tweeters or the Goolge shoes for SEOs ... ... maybe I could wear them alternately ... Read more

The Facebook “LIKE” button

The Facebook “LIKE” button
Pay attention to the new “Like” Button on Facebook. On the f8 conference in San Francisco Facebook has shown off a major new Facebook feature, the “Facebook Like button” that can be embedded on websites and allow users to share content they like from the internet with their social networks. Read more