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Creative Confidence

Creative Confidence Creative Confidence

David Kelly is one of the people who tackle the topic of creative confidence in such a beautiful way that I decided to review what he had to say in one of his videos. His presentation is kicked off with a story about his best friend Brian who was trying to create a horse using clay in 3rd grade. A girl in his class who saw him do this told him that it was terrible and he immediately stopped what he was doing and threw away the clay. Since then his friend has never attempted to delve into anything creative again.

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How To Make Your Youtube Videos Viral

Make your youtube videos viral

Hello again YouTubers!! I know that you are roaming the YouTube site the whole day trying to promote for your YouTube Video and make it more viral, that's why today I am going to review this video that talks exactly about this issue. This Video is actually a Manual that shows how to easy share your youtube videos on most important Social Media to  How to make your YouTube Videos more VIRAL presented by Dereck Celis.

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360 Grad Panorama Video

How cool is that? 360 Degree panorama Videos! Virtual tours based on 360 degree images are already cool, but now there is a new technology that allowed 360 degree virtual tours based on 360 degree panorama Videos and this is really impressive.
Just check this video out by moving the mouse on the picture with pressed mouse button.