Published: 18/06/2012

Updated: 21/06/2023

Creative Confidence

Creative Confidence

David Kelly is one of the people who tackle the topic of creative confidence in such a beautiful way that I decided to review what he had to say in one of his videos. His presentation is kicked off with a story about his best friend Brian who was trying to create a horse using clay in 3rd grade. A girl in his class who saw him do this told him that it was terrible and he immediately stopped what he was doing and threw away the clay. Since then his friend has never attempted to delve into anything creative again.

A lot of people believe that they are not creative because at one point in life they were shut down when trying to do something creative. This makes them lose confidence and it eats them up even when they are adults. This is the reason why most business executives will step out of important meetings and later justify their actions by that saying that they are not the creative type. Kelly, however, states that it is the fear of judgment that limits an individual’s creativity. He adds that if people would only stick to the process and not give up, they would have the creative confidence they need to see through any creative project they attempt.

Kelly also advises that you have to think that you are creative if you want it to become a reality. It is really important after watching his video to follow through with something creative that you have previously abandoned, to put his teachings into practice. This will help you unlock the creativity you have lying within you and you might be surprised what you can achieve.  

Watch the full video for more inspiration!

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