Patrick Chappatte - The Power of Cartoon

The Power Of Cartoons

Patrick Chappatte Cartoon -  The Internet has changed music
Patrick Chappatte Cartoon – The Internet has changed music

In this article I am going to talk about the Power of Cartoon and how far It can impact our lives and relationships. In my researches I found an article that exactly talks about this sensible case put up in a divertissement way.

This short video is a one man show presented by Patrick Chappatte. He is generally speaking about how cartoon is involved in politics and war, and what are the conflicts resulted from mal-uses of this powerful tool. He also discusses how the pencil can illuminate serious issues and bring the most unlikely people together in a humorous context using comedy to get closer to the public’s hearts and be able to deliver his message to them.

Patrick Chappate has talked about serious global issues that have been the concern of our modern world for years now,  for example he talked about:

  • How the print media is dying because of the technological development, everyone is heading towards the Internet to find the information and Facebook and twitter are the first suspects in this case if you want my opinion.
  • How the world has gotten smaller because of technology and he even said that the world has become flat now due to the spread of technology, you all have foreign friends don’t you? That’s all because of the internet. Back in the early days, the only way for you to make foreign friends was to travel to other countries.
  • How the internet has empowered everybody: the worker, the student… just everybody even spies… there are many people are thrown in jail because of what they’ve written in their personal blogs, etc. I am just saying.
  • How did the internet changed the way of employment and how will bosses will look at their employee (beware of your facebook profile) and mentioning that this technology thing made people attached, well slaves is the word, for the internet and how they cannot advance without it.
  • How internet made us think that it simplified out tasks and made them very easy to do, but in reality and after thoroughly thinking you will discover that those tasks are ones that you never had to do before, like “updating your twitter?” why do you even want to let strange people who don’t even know you, notified about where are you going or what are you doing? Believe me they don’t a crap.
  • How cartoon has been involved in religious and political conflicts; just like what happened when they drew the prophet and how that caused violence and blood to be spilled along with saying that there are people are getting benefits from that: that is the typical mal-use of the cartoon.
  • How did he use cartoon to reunite people from different sides while his missions in the Ivory Coast, Lebanon and Kenia.

These were the main points that Patrick Cappatte talked about, I think you might need to check the video to have a closer look and laugh along with him, check it out:

And thanks to Mr. “Patrick Chappatte” and for people who don’t know him I should say that he is a cartoonist and for whom is curious about his background I should say he is a Lebasnes-Swiss man who is well know for drawing cartoons for the “Le Temps” , “Neue Zürcher Zeitung” and the “International Herald Tribune” newspapers, he is actually a pretty cool guy as he is from a Lebanese mother, Swiss father, born in Karchi, lived in Singapore and Switzerland… a global guy to resume. And I said thanks to him we are now aware about the power of cartoon and how it could be a double edged arm. For more information about this guy you can follow him on twitter or visit his website

Thanks for reading!

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