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Social Media and Journalism Today

Social media and journalism today

Social media and journalism today

The video that I am going to review this time talks about the social media had a big influence and impact on the journalism nowadays and how could back it up and help spread the word and the information all together.

This video is an interview that was made between a woman called Sebath (the interviewer) and Julia from the International University in Geneva (the interviewed).

This was actually made as a class assignment on “Video For Business Communication” which is delivered by Victor Planas-Bielsa, professor at the International University in Geneva, and founder and Producer at Art’n Visual Production.

In this video there were two main points that were discussed:

  • How can social media impact journalism?:
    Julia’s answer for this question by saying  that that social media has a great impact on the journalism and even changed its methods and the way it is introduced, as we see, people who read newspaper has decreased too much but in the other hand people who surf on the internet has dramatically increased and that what would help the journalism reach out for them and spread the word and the news. Also the social media has a big influence on the writer- reader relationship, it help the writer deliver his information in a more reader friendly way like including videos, photo, audio… which is not possible in newspaper and magazines, and that is also possible is the writer is using facebook or twitter to communicate with his reader this would bring them even closer that before indeed. Moreover,  the writer has more options to write now because I said earlier he can integrate many methods is order to deliver his message… and because of the social media, writers are getting contribution from regular people who fell in love with the journalism combined with the social media techniques.
  • Is the Social Media a Short Trend?
    Julia response was that it is the exact opposite as the game has been changed as the use of the blogs and twitter in supporting the revolutions In Tunisia, Egypt and Libya… and how the information has been delivered despite of keeping the reporters out of the country and arresting them and how all the population have become journalists and kept updating the situations in their country on their facebooks and twitter,etc which greatly helped the succes of their revolution. The informations is still flowing and continues thanks to the social media… The future of content is conversion and the flow of information is going to be much more fluid. Actually offers a good future for the news paper industry and democracy in the whole world.

And thanks to Miss Julia from Geneva we were able to have an idea about how the social media is greatly impacting our lives and the way we treat the information and you can visit the International University in Geneva Official website, follow this link:
International University in Geneva and now i shall leave you with the video.

Watch this video on YouTube.

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