Social media & Journalism today

Social Media and Journalism Today

The video that I am going to review this time talks about the social media had a big influence and impact on the journalism nowadays and how could back it up and help spread the word and the information all together. This video is an interview that was made between a woman called Sebath (the interviewer) …

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The new WikiLeaks Roundtable

There is a new form of WikiLeaks, the WikiLeaks Roundtable with this new WikiLeaks Video Forum, WikiLeaks talks to everyone around the world. In the past WikiLeaks have spoken to the public through the press, in future they will bring important news directly to the public domain, not filtered by intermediaries, with the full record …

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The future of Google News – Interview with Krishna Bharat

The Founder and head of Google News, Krishna Bharat spoke with David Nordfors, Founding Executive Director of the Stanford Center for Innovation and Communication at Stanford University, at the opening keynote session of IJ-7, the Seventh Conference on Innovation Journalism, at Stanford on June 9, 2010. I think there is no doubt about the fact …

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