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The new WikiLeaks Roundtable

WikiLeaks Roundtable

WikiLeaks Roundtable on Twitter

There is a new form of WikiLeaks, the WikiLeaks Roundtable with this new WikiLeaks Video Forum, WikiLeaks talks to everyone around the world. In the past WikiLeaks have spoken to the public through the press, in future they will bring important news directly to the public domain, not filtered by intermediaries, with the full record available to all.

Therefore will be hold regular conferences where WikiLeaks answer questions directly. Videos will be created by Julian Assange and other staff talking directly to public and answering peoples questions through videos and live chats. WikiLeaks will have a platform for viral videos and be running competitions for people to submit their work to.

WikiLeaks Roundatable: Live People’s Conferences will take place regularly.

To submit questions please either tweet a message ending with “#wlquest” or email your question to

To discuss the conference as it takes place please tweet with the prefix #wldiscuss

You may see all the questions via

and all the discussion via

1st Live People’s Conference – February 6th, 2011 – with Julian Assange

Watch this video on YouTube.

In any moment of the human history have we ever had a free media, that wasn’t (or is) dependent of business or private interests?

In any moment have we ever had 100% impartiality information?

Matheus D. Pandolfo, age 15, Brasil

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