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Barriers That Stop People From Becoming Leaders!

Whats holding you back Barriers that stop people from becoming leaders
The video I am going to review today is an interview between Sarah Green (the interviewer) and Anne Morris who is a managing director in the Concire Leadership Institute (the interviewed). And this intreview is about the article called "What's Holding You Back?" that Anne Morris wrote, and during the interview she disusses the main points of her article and the messages that she wanted to deliver through it along with explaining the small but common barriers that stop people from becoming leaders. Read more

How to get famous on the Internet

Julia Allisons Secrets of Self Promotion How to get famous on the Internet
Julia Allison’s Secrets of Self-Promotion! You want to become famous on Internet? A very specific advice from Julia Allison, do a sex video with a truly famous person and than put it online … Read more

The Facebook “LIKE” button

The Facebook “LIKE” button
Pay attention to the new “Like” Button on Facebook. On the f8 conference in San Francisco Facebook has shown off a major new Facebook feature, the “Facebook Like button” that can be embedded on websites and allow users to share content they like from the internet with their social networks. Read more

Personal Branding for Managers – Speach

Personal Branding for Managers
To build an authentic Personal Brand gets more and more important not just for managers.

Your Brand is nothing more than a unique promise of value.

You need to know what makes you unique, what makes you stand out and find a way to contribute that to your own personal cooperate brand.

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Personal Branding

Every one can build his own Personal Brand. Building your own personal Brand has never been more easy than it is today, Web 2.0 with it’s all unlimited opportunities gives you the possibility to be what ever you want to be.

Building Personal Brand Within the Social Media Landscape – Gary Vaynerchuk (Wine Library)

Watch this video on YouTube.