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The Facebook “LIKE” button

The Facebook Like Button

The Facebook Like Button

Pay attention to the new “Like” Button on Facebook.

On the f8 conference in San Francisco Facebook has shown off a major new Facebook feature, the “Facebook Like button” that can be embedded on websites and allow users to share content they like from the internet with their social networks.

Facebook has replaced the “become a fan” terminology with a “Like” button, what I think is a very impotent change. These become a fan thing always felt a bit strange, I am maybe be a Bruce Springsteen fan but I am not interest to get a fan of different brands or even just simple websites. To like a brand or a simple website more fits and it becomes more easy to just click this button if it’s named “Like” than it is labelled “become a fan”.

To introduce users to the ‘Like’ button, Facebook has posted an alert that appears on users’ Facebook pages and directs them to a FAQ section with information about the new feature.

Hi 🙂 so I have created an Ortwin Oberhauser page on Facebook too, maybe there is some people out there who just like me, since people no longer have to get fans of me or my page, I begin to like these Facebook pages.

Here is a Gary Vaynerchuk Video about the Facebook “Like” Button:

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