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How to get famous on the Internet

Julia Allison on the Wired Cover

It’s been said about Julia Allison … “She can't sing. She's not rich.” But thanks to a genius for self-promotion, she's become an Internet celebrity.

Julia Allison’s
Secrets of Self-Promotion!

You want to become famous on Internet?

A very specific advice from Julia Allison, do a sex video with a truly famous person and than put it online 😉 …

But seriously Julia Allison speech about Personal Branding presented for the Learning Annex 2010 is not so much about how to become a Internet celebrity, it’s more about how to get paid for what you love to do.

Julia Allison’s trick is to think of herself as the subject of a magazine profile, with every blog post or Twitter update adding dimension to her as a character.

Who is Julia Allison?
Julia Allison is an American journalist, TV commentator, and co-creator of lifecasting portal

Lesson 1

Personal Brands are important!

Believe in your self!

Your background doesn’t matter, only your ability to tell a story matters.

Who am I?


But that’s sort of the point …

Julia Allison’s Secrets of Self-Promotion & Personal Branding Video Part 1:


Lesson 2

You’re replaceable if you’re not a Brand.

Turn your self into a Brand! You will get to a place where people will re turn your e-mails 😉

Personal Brands are Valuable!

Julia Allison’s Secrets of Self-Promotion & Personal Branding Video Part 2:


Lesson 3

Foundation for a good Personal Brand:

  • Passion
  • Persistence
  • People Skills

Person of the year "You."

Person of the year 'You.'

Figure out what your Passion is!

As I have a view followers on Twitter ;-), I sometimes get asked what should I tweet about?

The answer is: “Find out what your Passion is and you will know what to tweet about!”

How to determine what your
Personal Brand is:

What is your purpose in life?
What would you like to be known as?
What makes you happiest?
Hint: when was the last time you felt 100% focused, alive & undistracted?)

You have to figure out what you feel best when you doing … Do some self reflexion!
Ignore “being realistic” or “responsible” – what do you REALLY want?

“Do not wish to be anything but what you are …
but try to be that perfectly!”

Ask others:

  • What do they think you do best?
  • How do they perceive you? Your greatest strengths, greatest weaknesses?
  • Be prepared to hear stuff you don’t want to hear.
  • Establish commonalities – are you hearing the same thing from multiple people?
  • Know when – and what – to ignore people.


Do you like the Personal Brand you’re creating?

Julia Allison’s Secrets of Self-Promotion & Personal Branding Video Part 3:


Lesson 4:

Telling your story

  • full bio (everything!)
  • one-page
  • elevator pitch
  • 140 characters
  • tagline (2-3 words)

Find a niche audience

  • Do not try to be all things to all people.
  • Do one thing really well.
  • If you’re struggling to define yourself, try using the movie pitch methode: “Sex and the City meets Oprah” or “I’m the next …, but …. .”

Julia Allison’s Secrets of Self-Promotion & Personal Branding Video Part 4:


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