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Barriers That Stop People From Becoming Leaders!

Barriers stop people to become leaders

Barriers stop people to become leaders

The video I am going to review today is an interview between Sarah Green (the interviewer) and Anne Morris who is a managing director in the Concire Leadership Institute (the interviewed). And this intreview is about the article called “What’s Holding You Back?” that Anne Morris wrote, and during the interview she disusses the main points of her article and the messages that she wanted to deliver through it along with explaining the small but common barriers that stop people from becoming leaders.

Along the interview Sarah Green the interviewer has asked Anne Morris many questions like:

  • You mentioned in your article that there are 5 ways that leaders get in our way, what are these 5 ways?: Anne says that her and the two people who wrote the article along with her met socially and they found their selves on this topic which is how can you take off the barriers towards leadership and they agreed to write this articles about this amazing pattern that can be found  across all the countries, stages of development, sectors,…  and how there are people with amazing abilities but these barriers that were put in front of them holds them back from achieving the desired results. Then she explains the messages in the article:
  1. Basic massage of the article: which tries to tell  that leadership isn’t about oneself, It’s about making other people better as a result from your presence by making the system and the culture are in place and that the methods that are used by you are the best in order to lead the population toward success and development. Leadership is not at all about charisma and it is well-known that changing the fact of just thinking about oneself and replacing it with thinking about other people.
  2. Second message: acting like a leader gets in the way of leading which can only give you narrow choices of tools you can use to influence other people, just pretending is not enough because gets in the ways of moving outside the place where you feel most comfortable and makes your thinking and reasoning limited to the image that you want people to see you with. And your need to look smart will get in the way of learning or taking risks which will make you fall in the pit of repeating the same mistakes that will consequently get in the way of approaching regularly to right decision making. Just like when many people have chosen to make a public images early in their career and that what was in their way to leadership.
  • The part where you talked about turning competitors into enemies, what did you mean?: Anne says turning competitors into enemies or generally speaking by turning others into characters you become a character your self: you make people wrong and distort their image just to make your day and keep your mental health … and that’s not the best version of you but the best one is that people are willing to be guided by.

And along the interview Anne discusses many points of her articles, watch the video to find out.

And thanks to Ms. Anne Morris (know more about her here) and the article she wrote we are one step closer to figure some solutions about our governments and the way to improve them, and now check out the video that i highly recommend.

Watch this video on YouTube.

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