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Google confirms that Social Media Links Influence SEO

Google confirms that Social Media Links Influence SEO
Does Google confirm that links from social media have influence on rankings? Over the past years Google has added many social search features. There has been talk about using social signals to help rank regular search results. Read more

Review of the 1st Austrian SEO Conference SEOkomm 2010



The 1st Austrian SEO Conference “SEOkomm” was a fully successful SEO event.

My review of the SEOkomm 2010.

The echo from the SEO community regarding the SEOkomm is with one accord positive. In future the the German speaking SEO scene will not only for skiing and snowboarding visit Austria, the “Who’s Who” of german speaking SEO specialists will from now on meet once a year at the SEOkomm in Salzburg to interchange there SEO know-how.


The Future of search

SEO vs Social Media
Hi, I was asked in a SEO Workshop, “Why do you like this Social Media Communities so much?” all Links there are “nofollow”.

Is this really the Question nofollow or follow.

Isn’t Twitter the first real time search engine that delivers results from top actual user-generated content?

Aren’t there 8 Social Media Communities in the top 20 by Germany and only 3 real search engines?

How can it be wrong for a SEO to be interested in Social Media?

Here is a very good Video to this Topic:

Watch this video on YouTube.

Website Architecture

The Website Architecture – SEO folks know that once a Web portal get up to more than thousands ore even hundred thousands or million of pages it gets difficult to bulk of the juice to the most valuable pages of the project or most profitable product content pages.

Here is some speech from Dr. Pete with Rand Fishkin, my thanks goes to SEOmoz for this good Infos.

SEOmoz Whiteboard Friday – Architecture for Commerce with Dr. Pete from Scott Willoughby on Vimeo.