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Google Realtime Search has a new home

Google Realtime Search
Google’s Realtime Search has a new home on and new tools to make your real-time search experience more comprehensive and faster. Learn how to set up your own Google Alerts for Realtime results and learn about Realtime’s geographic refinement and conversations feature. Realtime Search lets you see up-to-the-second social updates, news articles and blog posts about hot topics around the world . Read more

Real Time Search

Hi 🙂 it’s Real Time Search Time!

While Google, Microsoft and Wolfram Alpha have dreamed from higher quality search results for users, some start-ups-like Topsy, Scoopler and have launched Real Time Search Engines

These start up companies have realised that there is a problem created by the rapid growing and huge volume of information created by real-time-Web technologies, with other words a new web age has begun, an age of user generated content and in other way than many people thought, users much interested in other users content, maybe this is because people have lost there trust in the mainstream medias.

Google already owns some of the sources that deliver results for Real Time Search, like for sample YouTube.

But there is another resource for user generated content that has grown extreme within the last 12 month, its Twitter and as Twitter is the fastest growing resource for user generated content, it shouldn’t wonder that Google is much interest in Twitter.

What are oil wells for the Oil industry are sources for user generated content for the New Economy.

So the question: Is Google interested in Twitter?
Is like the question: Is ExxonMobil or Royal Dutch Shell interested in new oil wells.

According to The Wall Street Journal’s All Things Digital, it was reported (from an undisclosed source) that Twitter is currently in advance talks with both Internet Titans, Google and Microsoft.

So Twitter will sell there Oil – a sorry user generated content to whom ever will pay most and still now they aren’t stupid, they don’t sell the content source at all (the oil well) they just sell the content (the oil), so this looks for me like Twitter will make good money in future.

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Hi, I was asked in a SEO Workshop, “Why do you like this Social Media Communities so much?” all Links there are “nofollow”.

Is this really the Question nofollow or follow.

Isn’t Twitter the first real time search engine that delivers results from top actual user-generated content?

Aren’t there 8 Social Media Communities in the top 20 by Germany and only 3 real search engines?

How can it be wrong for a SEO to be interested in Social Media?

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