Published: 07/10/2009

Updated: 08/01/2024

Twitter Premium Accounts

Twitter will offer business premium accounts with end of this year. I think this Twitter Premium Accounts is what much Twitter users, who want use Twitter for promote there business are already waiting for, Premium Twitter Accounts will make accounts more stabile. Today, even if you use Twitter in an ethical and correct way you will never be 100% sure that your Twitter Account will not be suspended.

There are pundits who believe that the only way Twitter will be able to make real money would be by selling advertising on its sites.

I think Twitter is right now one of the best mediums to build a personal or a business network, there was never before an easier or faster way to come in contact with people who interest in your person or business.

Twitter delivers “great value”, so I think the only thing Twitter has to do is to make itself to the product. What means Twitter is something like a social media marketing application provider and every one who want use there application professional will pay for it. That’s just it, there is nothing complicate in this.

Let’s face the possibilities of Twitter, what could Twitter offer to Premium Account Holders:

  • own Top Level Domains for there Twitter Micro Blog
  • the possibility to give Own Content Widgets in the sidebar
  • the possibility to include own adsense or little banner ads in the sidebar or between the tweets
  • the possibility to include follow links to your business website in the profile
  • the possibility to add one informative profile page to your micro Blog like its possible by flickr (flickr Profil Ortwin Oberhauser/)
  • the possibility to add more than 1000 followers a day lets say 2000
  • the possibility to add lists and groups addicted to your favourite topic
  • statistics that shows you how many people have read tweets or have visited your profile and even exact who like in Xing

and so on.

So now my question and please be honest, how much would you be ready to pay monthly for all this advantages? Please let me know in your comment to this post?

Here some Video to the Topic Twitter Premium Account :

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