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Google Goggles App download
Google Goggles is an offer from Google that expands the the visual search for Android smartphones. The Google Goggles app will detect objects that are taken with cell phone cameras. Read more

Google Wave

Google Wave – Google are unveiling the Google Wave, a new collaboration and communication product. Google Wave is in many ways very innovative because it will combinate many services in once browser Window like e-mail, messaging, microblogging, games, chat, picture services, wikis, maps, a groupware, etc.. For many reasons I think Google waves will be revolutionary and successful tool. First it open source, second its build from the Rasmussen Brothers (they have built the success of google maps too) and third it meets from my point of view the need of the social media future.

1. Google Wave Cinema: Pulp Fiction

Watch this video on YouTube.

2. Google Wave Cinema: Good Will Hunting

Watch this video on YouTube.

3. Google Wave Overview

Watch this video on YouTube.

4. Google Wave: 15 features

Watch this video on YouTube.

5. Google Wave Made Simple

Watch this video on YouTube.

6. Google Wave Gadget Demo

Watch this video on YouTube.

7. Hr processing in Google Wave

Watch this video on YouTube.

8. Google Wave on iPhone (dev preview)/object>

Watch this video on YouTube.

9. Google Wave presentation – Abridged

Watch this video on YouTube.

10. Hier die offizielle Vorstellung von Google Wave:

Watch this video on YouTube.

Here are some more informations about Google Wave: Register your self to be one of the first guys using google waves ;-):

Google Wave

Google Operating System

Google Wave API

Mashable Complete Guide Google Wave

Google Caffeine

Matt has putted in context what will change with “Google Coffeine” he said that “Google Coffeine” is a rewrite of the Google Indexing System. A good search engine has to crawl really well, has to index really well and has to serve up, what mean has to return the most relevant pages for users very fast.

So as I understood Google has changed the way of crawling and indexing WebPages. So far this is nothing spectacular, because Google always does changes with crawling and indexing WebPages but Matt too said, that the changes that have been done infrastructure wise rufly compare to the “Big Daddy up date” that happened late 2005 to begin 2006, hi 😉 I think all SEOs who did already SEO in this time have some lasting memories.

Here is the first video from the SES in San Joes 2009 that I found to this topic, it’s an interview with Matt Cutts where he speaks about Google Caffeine. Follow > @mattcutts on Twitter

Watch this video on YouTube.

Too I found this video where Jim Stewart @jimboot the Australian Google Guru speaks about Google Coffeine. Follow > jimboot on Twitter

Watch this video on YouTube.

Google invites you to visit the web developer preview of Google’s new infrastructure at you can try the new searches there.

Here more Info toGoogle Coffeine from the Google Webmaster Central Blog.

Is Google doing anything different for Twitter results?

Is Google doing anything different for Twitter results?
Matt from California asks Matt Cutts (Google): “Is Google doing anything different when it comes to serving up Twitter results?
Here Matt Cutts answer:

Google documentation?

A documentary on Google, a success story par excellence:

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    Part 2
    Part 3
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    Part 6
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Google – rewriting dynamic URLs

Blogost – googlewebmastercentral


Should I try to make my dynamic URLs look static?

Google Answer :

It’s much safer to serve us the original dynamic URL and let us handle the problem of detecting and avoiding problematic parameters.

Does that mean I should avoid rewriting dynamic URLs at all?

Answer Google:
That’s our recommendation,

to produce static-looking URLs from a dynamic site, you could be doing harm rather than good:

Hi 😉 just look at the domain on which this was posted:

So maybe the google guys will go on with drinking wine and just the SEOs should drink water in future ;-).