Published: 16/10/2009

Updated: 08/01/2024

Google Wave

Google Wave – Google are unveiling the Google Wave, a new collaboration and communication product. Google Wave is in many ways very innovative because it will combinate many services in once browser Window like e-mail, messaging, microblogging, games, chat, picture services, wikis, maps, a groupware, etc.. For many reasons I think Google waves will be revolutionary and successful tool. First it open source, second its build from the Rasmussen Brothers (they have built the success of google maps too) and third it meets from my point of view the need of the social media future.

1. Google Wave Cinema: Pulp Fiction


2. Google Wave Cinema: Good Will Hunting


3. Google Wave Overview

4. Google Wave: 15 features

5. Google Wave Made Simple

6. Google Wave Gadget Demo

7. Hr processing in Google Wave

8. Google Wave on iPhone (dev preview)/object>

9. Google Wave presentation – Abridged

10. Hier die offizielle Vorstellung von Google Wave:

Here are some more informations about Google Wave: Register your self to be one of the first guys using google waves ;-):

Google Wave

Google Operating System

Google Wave API

Mashable Complete Guide Google Wave

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