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Best Funny Commercial Videos


The banned Priceless Mastercard Blowjob Commercial Video

Basically the banned Priceless Mastercard Blowjob Commercial Video is a very funny commercial for Mastercard involving a guy asking his girlfriend for a blowjob, with a very funny result. Written and directed by Scott Quigley, this is a widely recognized online commercial from 2001. Even there is no pornographic or obscene material in this Mastercard Priceless Commercial Video it was banned maybe because of the adult language that is used. The stars of the movie are Matt Prater and Marla Altschuler . The scenestealing sister is Joy Christie Di Cresce.

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Levis Jeans Commercial Video with Brad Pitt 1991

Finally I found this old Levi’s Jeans commercial spot! It’s one of the best Levis Jeans Commercial Videos I have ever seen. This Levis commercial spot was made in 1991. Brad Pitt is from my point of view one of the best actors, he has been in the entertainment business for over 20 years and he’s definitely stood the test of time! Brad Pitt was very young in this Pepsi commercial, and no one could have known 1991 that he would be such an icon, expecting maybe the Pepsi Cola advertising guys, well done guys ;-).

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Pepsi Truck Commercial Video with P. Diddy alias Puff Daddy

Pepsi Truck Commercial Video – Trend setter P. Diddy alias Puff Daddy is stranded on a desert road before he get picked up by a Diet Pepsi Truck that drives him to an award show. What ever Mr Diddy drives is cool, so as you can see in this clip, Diet Pepsi trucks are cool. Because of this pretty soon everyone is driving a Pepsi Truck.

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