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The Biggest SEO Mistakes

Which SEO likes to speak about the biggest SEO mistakes he did in past?

Hi 🙂 Rand Fishkin @randfish from SEOmoz (SEOmoz) speaks about SEO mistakes he did in past, that’s cool.

I am sure there is not one SEO out there who did SEO for years who made no SEO mistakes, we all do and as we all learn best from mistakes, why not speak about? I think it’s a pretty good idea from Rand to speak open about the SEO Mistakes that he did in past, because that shows all other SEOs that not one SEO doesn’t make mistakes, even the best SEOs do.

So lets share our SEO experiences even the worst.

Here are the return of Rand in a Video and his self declared biggest SEO mistakes. SEO is complicated. The best we can do is practice, work hard and compare notes.

Thanks to Rand for sharing even his worst SEO experiences.

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