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Tell to win

Tell to win

Hello video fans! Today i am going to review another inspirational video, well to be precise they are two; which their main concept talking about how to establish an emotional connection with any audience.

This is actually an interview between Sarah Green and Peter Guber, chairman and CEO of the Mandalay Entertainment Group, writer of the article called “The Fortunes Of A Story Teller” and the book “Tell To Win”.

Let’s begin with the first video which seems the most interesting one, as Sarrah asked him about :

  • How did story telling have an impact on your career?:
    actually he didn’t answer directly but says that story telling can happen every day when you tell a joke or tell about your life experience. He also explains how most people enter the framework trying to control the customer but it’s not like that, you must motivate yourself and try to convince them and motivate them to buy your product with a cool story telling process , if you don’t do that customer will not get interested in you and won’t buy anything.
    As the customer don’t want to be treated as an object, as a wallet full of money that all your goals revolves about emptying that wallet into your pocket… the customer wants from the buyer to be friendly with him and motivate him to buy something he need. You should treat customers as “audience” and you have to have interest in that audience you are speaking to, so they can understand what you want to offer them.
    You shouldn’t motivate anybody, people don’t want someone to control them, all you need to do is to motivate yourself and figure out the best way that should be employed in order to deliver your thoughts to your “audience”. And that automatically implies that every story has a goal, buy my product or join my club, etc… unless you will not be able to send the clear picture to the person you want to make business with.And he finally ended this section by saying that the best way to tell a story is being an active listener, you should try to make an emotional  component unbounded with the information making it memorable along with searching and tipping points, just begin by recognizing anyone of them  can be important and once ou see the value proposition engage the rest.
  • What will you do if after the prepations for your story, the audiance won’t react? He said that as a speaker you  must drop the script and be who you are and be spontaneous when you do that your charisma shows and you become real and convincing.When telling a story you must be authentic and original and emotionally deliveer the story to your listener.  Watch The Full Video Here:
    Watch this video on YouTube.

Coming to talk about the second video it was so brief, and he interviewed by Mark Thompson, and the main points were:

  • Sometimes he failed to tell a story or when he got moved he got moved by the right story.
  • In the past everything was all narrative and telling that story telling is the nature of the human. Watch The Full Video Here:
    Watch this video on YouTube.

And after watching these two videos we should really say thanks to Mr. Peter Guber find out about all his achivements and career here we have a best idea on how to deliver a story to our audience and never be dull again.

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