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PageRank Sculpting

PageRank Sculpting is now the hottest topic on the SEO landscape.

Matt Cutts made some comments about PageRank sculpting in general and Google’s handling of the nofollow attribute on internal links, on the SMX Advanced 2009 in Seattle.

To sum it up, Matt has talked about, that nofollow linkes will influence the PageRank of websites in a new way.

So I have searched for some videos, that make me understand, what exact is going on regarding the PageRank sculping topic. Here what I found and learn how the changes in this area will effect you.

PageRank Sculpting and What You Need To Know

Watch this video on YouTube.

Rand from Brighton asks: “What are your views on ‘PageRank sculpting’? Useful and recommended if implemented right, or unethical?” Recorded on April 23, 2009.

Watch this video on YouTube.

Dan Thies puts together a hilarious video about Google’s “Operation BENDOVER” regarding PageRank sculpting. Lyndsay Walker makes a cameo (in Matt Cutt’s dreams apparently!).

Watch this video on YouTube.

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