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    What’s Your Price?

    Selling the Invisible Value – How to Sell Services There is a popular video clip from Penn and Teller’s Showtime hidden camera show, where restaurant clients are told…

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    The Era of Micro Moments: How Smartphones Change User Experience

      Micro-Moments: The New Battleground for Brands Whether marketers are prepared for it or not, smartphone era has significantly changed not only our lives but consumer behavior as…

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    Effective team work and collaboration

    Our world and our society are constantly changing and services are becoming more complex and sophisticated as new technologies are becoming a big part of our daily lives,…

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    Where Good Ideas Come From

    We take ideas from other people, from people we’ve learned from, from people we run into in the coffee shop, and we stitch them together into new forms…

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    Hello again YouTubers!! I know that you are roaming the YouTube site the whole day trying to promote for your YouTube Video and make it more viral, that’s why today I…



What is Spam?

If there is something like the Ten Commandments of Google existing or will exist in future than this Commandments will definitely include:

Don’t buy links!
Don’t spam!

If you have some ideas for more “Ten Commandments of Google” please let me know!

Here are three Videos from the SMX about Spam:

Part I
Part II
Part III

Google – rewriting dynamic URLs

Blogost – googlewebmastercentral


Should I try to make my dynamic URLs look static?

Google Answer :

It’s much safer to serve us the original dynamic URL and let us handle the problem of detecting and avoiding problematic parameters.

Does that mean I should avoid rewriting dynamic URLs at all?

Answer Google:
That’s our recommendation,

to produce static-looking URLs from a dynamic site, you could be doing harm rather than good:

Hi 😉 just look at the domain on which this was posted:

So maybe the google guys will go on with drinking wine and just the SEOs should drink water in future ;-).

Historical Steve Jobs Stanford Speech 2005

Steve Jobs commencement speech at Stanford is 15-minutes long, and legendary.

Steve Jobs (the founder and CEO of Apple Computers, the creator of the iMac, the iPod, and iTunes) tells 3 simple stories from his biography.

Even if you aren’t a huge Steve Jobs fan, you will like this speech.

Watch this video on YouTube.

The International Guest Certified Hotel Award

The Hotel Europa was awarded with the International Guest Certified Hotel Award

Swiss, St. Moritz - Hotel Europa - International Guest Certified Hotel Award honouring

The International Guest Certified Hotel Award is particularly valuable for hotels, as it is not assigned by professional jurors but directly by the guests as a sign of their confidence.

The assignment of the International Guest Certified Award is based upon a very simple question:


If guests prefer a certain hotel and are prepared to recommend it to other guests as a kind of “insiders’ tip”, the answer will be “YES!” and the hotel will receive the International Guest Certified Award.

Classic Flair Hotel International Guest Certified Hotel Award honouring

Germany - Classic Flair Hotel International Guest Certified Hotel Award honouring

It is a fact that 70 % of all booking decisions are made on account of trust. This trust emanates from an emotional level. Thus, it makes sense if hotels that are emotionally fit show this to their guests. In order to do this they need interceders, because self praise is no recommendation.

International Guest Certified Hotels provide affiliated partner hotels with these interceders, that is to say with guests who sense all emotional attributes – hospitality, guest confidence, appreciation, acceptance, joy, fun, safety, well-being and security. Services, which usually can’t or can hardly be perceived, but the transparency of which is all the more important, can consequently be made visible.

Excelsior My Dolomiti Wellness Hotel South Tyrol

South Tyrol - Excelsior My Dolomiti Wellness Hotel - International Guest Certified Hotel Award Honoring

There are a lot of management consultants who like to disguise themselves as guests in order to act as mystery guests for hoteliers. These very elaborate and often costly analyses, which in many cases are of an almost scientific nature, cannot hide the fact that the results of these analyses do not come from real guest perceptions, but in fact merely mirror each management consultant’s opinion.

International Guest Certified Hoteliers prefers to obtain the guest feedback for there Hotels from real guests, therefore they decide to become a part of the International Guest Certified Hotels Community.

Palazzo Papaleo

South italy - Palazzo Papaleo Hotel Palazzo Papaleo * * * * *, Otranto, province Lecce in Apulien, International Guest Certified Hotel Award Honoring

This 1st community of “active hospitality” [International NGO founded 2004] is substantially different from most organizations which usually award mentions in the hotel and catering sector because it was founded by guests instead of by hoteliers.

Hotel Kreuz Award

Germany - Hotel Kreuz Award - International Guest Certified Hotel Award honouring

Be it stars, suns or smileys, most quality awards in the hotel sector tend to refer to a factual level, because this is what can very easily be perceived at first glance. This means more and better equipment = more stars, more suns, more smileys. Most organizations are not or only to a limited extent able to also recognize as a quality criterion and assess the emotional level, that is active hospitality, authenticity, appreciation, joy, fun, well-being, comfort and other qualities which are characteristic of the emotional competency of a guesthouse, but are quite difficult to measure.

IGC Hotel Award honouring Sonnenburg

Austria -Guesthouse Sonnenburg Riezlern - IGC Hotel Award honouring

The questions as to whether there is active hospitality in a hotel and whether you can really feel well in a hotel cannot be answered by hotel brochures or websites either.

For the reasons described above and because quality anyway depends on whether the guests’ expectations are met and not on the expectations of a professional commitee or of professional jurors who might sometimes be complacent, hotel guests have decided to take matters into their own hands.

Is your hotel an “oases of hospitality”? Please feel free to contact me me and lets speak about how your Hotel can become International Guest Certified Hotels.

Hotel zur Pfeffermuehle

Austria - Hotel zur Pfeffermuehle, St. Anton am Arlberg - International Guest Certified Hotel Award honouring

If guests book a room in an International Guest Certified Hotel, they know that guests have tested the hotel, found it good, labeled and certified it as a very popular hotel. The permission to use the “International Guest Certified Hotels” Lable will high up your conversion rate.

The International Guest Certified Hotel Certification and the distinction with the International Guest Certified Hotel Award can make your hotel more interesting for future guests and your hotel will gain new guests through the Certification.

Photos from the International Guest Certified Hotel Award Honoring

Palazzo Papaleo Hotel Palazzo Papaleo * * * * *

Otranto, province Lecce in Apulien, South italy

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