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  • What's Your Price

    What’s Your Price?

    Selling the Invisible Value – How to Sell Services There is a popular video clip from Penn and Teller’s Showtime hidden camera show, where restaurant clients are told…

  • Micro Moments

    The Era of Micro Moments: How Smartphones Change User Experience

      Micro-Moments: The New Battleground for Brands Whether marketers are prepared for it or not, smartphone era has significantly changed not only our lives but consumer behavior as…

  • Effective team work and collaboration

    Effective team work and collaboration

    Our world and our society are constantly changing and services are becoming more complex and sophisticated as new technologies are becoming a big part of our daily lives,…

  • Where good ideas come from

    Where Good Ideas Come From

    We take ideas from other people, from people we’ve learned from, from people we run into in the coffee shop, and we stitch them together into new forms…

  • How To Make Your Youtube Videos Viral

    Hello again YouTubers!! I know that you are roaming the YouTube site the whole day trying to promote for your YouTube Video and make it more viral, that’s why today I…



Twitter Nike shoes – shoes for Tweeters

Twitter shoes - shoes for tweeters
:-) Now I don't know which Shoes I like more the Twitter shoes for Tweeters or the Goolge shoes for SEOs ... ... maybe I could wear them alternately ... Read more

Mayday Update Google May 2010

Mayday Update Google May 2010
Mayday Google Update – May 1st 2010 – will this day be remembered as the day when the long tail died? I don’t think so, but for sure web directories and online shop owners did notice the effects of Google’s so-called “May Day Update”. Around April 27th to May 5th a lot of sites noticed a loss of 5-25% of their normal long tail traffic. Read more

How to get famous on the Internet

Julia Allisons Secrets of Self Promotion How to get famous on the Internet
Julia Allison’s Secrets of Self-Promotion! You want to become famous on Internet? A very specific advice from Julia Allison, do a sex video with a truly famous person and than put it online … Read more

The Facebook “LIKE” button

The Facebook “LIKE” button
Pay attention to the new “Like” Button on Facebook. On the f8 conference in San Francisco Facebook has shown off a major new Facebook feature, the “Facebook Like button” that can be embedded on websites and allow users to share content they like from the internet with their social networks. Read more

Body painting by Craig Tracy

Craig Tracy an American artist, from New Orleans, a trendsetter in the art of body-painting ... Body painting by Craig Tracy
Body paint or sometimes bodypainting is an art from that stretches back thousands of years.

One of the best body painters in our days is for sure Craig Tracy an American artist, from New Orleans, a trendsetter in the art of body-painting.

Craig Tracy paints stunning images on people's bodies before photographing them in unique poses.

In a particular project that is part of Save China's Tigers, Craig Tracy did an amazing Body paint picture of a tiger, I have never seen a better body paint.

Read more

How many search algorithm changes did Google in 2009?

Pulkit Agrawal in Ahmedabad, India asks Matt Cutts: “Can you please tell us:
a) How many changes did Google make to their primary search algorithm in 2009 till date?
b) Is content still the king or something else (structure) has taken over? This is some big buzz in the Internet community.”

Did Matt Cutts really answer: Every day one Google algorithm change ;-)? Uhaa that’s pretty much!

Watch this video on YouTube.

Personal Branding for Managers – Speach

Personal Branding for Managers
To build an authentic Personal Brand gets more and more important not just for managers.

Your Brand is nothing more than a unique promise of value.

You need to know what makes you unique, what makes you stand out and find a way to contribute that to your own personal cooperate brand.

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