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Mayday Update Google May 2010

Google MayDay Update 2010

Google MayDay Update 2010

Mayday Google Update – May 1st 2010 – will this day be remembered as the day when the long tail died?

I don’t think so, but for sure web directories and online shop owners did notice the effects of Google’s so-called “May Day Update”. Around April 27th to May 5th a lot of sites noticed a loss of 5-25% of their normal long tail traffic.

Why did websites which are Long tail SEO optimized lose their long tail search referrals?

Did Google reduce the size and depth of the primary index to keep Caffeine fast?
Was there broad link devaluations?
Was there a shift in how phrase match is performed?
Did Google increase the value of authority/brand sites?

What ever has happened, stay cool! Don’t Panic! There is one very important role in SEO, don’t act in panic, don not change anything on your website before you exact know what has happened and why otherwise you will maybe make thinks more worse than they already are.

Watch the video below to see what may have happened, and what you can do about it. Many thanks to Rand Fishkin from SEOmoz for his helpful analysis!

Matt Cutts was asked if he can give an update on rankings for long-tail searches?

Watch this video on YouTube.

Here is a View From The Other Side Of The May Day Update from Dave Davis @redfly.

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