Published: 10/10/2013

Updated: 11/01/2024

How to Improve your Customer’s Landing Page Experience

A landing page is a typical web page where the user is taken after clicking on search engine optimized search result or online advertisement.  The common goal of any landing page is to get the customer take the action beneficial for the company – make a purchase, sign up for a newsletter, provide some personal information, download something, etc.  Therefore, a landing page of a good quality is highly important as it exactly features the time when the customer makes a decision on whether he wants to use the services of the company or not.  You may have your ads running perfectly, get extremely high traffic on your website but all of those achievements are pointless unless your conversion rate does not increase.  So what does it take to develop a landing page that attracts, inspires and infuses customer’s trust?  As it appears, not much but makes sure that your landing page contains clear call to action, attractive headline and limited navigation.

Clear Call to Action

Call to Action is something that clearly states what you want your customers to do – sing up for a newsletter, make a purchase, fill in the form, etc.  Whatever it is, state it precisely and make sure to focus the customer’s whole attention on it.  Do not distract him with other irrelevant requests and information.  The research has shown that the more options the customer is offered the more time he needs to make a final decision.  Take into account the appropriate size, color and font of it.  You will be surprised to know what a significant impact those features may have on the conversion rate.  For instance, Hubstop recently conducted an experiment to find out to which extent the change of the press button color may affect the conversion rate.  Two identical ads except for different press button colors were displayed on the website.  The result was that the ad with the red press button got 21 % more interested users than the ad with the green button.   The color was the only feature that differentiated the ads.  Don’t hesitate to experiment with your landing page to get to the most effective design of it.

Effective Headline

An effective headline helps to evoke customers’ interest and attention.  It attracts the visitor of the website and makes him stay longer.  Try to include the solution of the problem that your potential customers are concerned with.  Then, make sure to list the main benefits of your product or service in bullet points below your headline.  There is no use in putting each single feature of your product on the landing page but presenting the key benefits will always impact the customer’s perception of your product in a positive way.

Limited Navigation

Keep your landing page layout as simple as possible.  Include only necessary links in your landing page so that your customers do not get distracted by them.  There is no use in creating long informative landing pages where the user has to scroll all the way down to get to where you want him.  Remember, that time is the main resource for each of us and nobody likes it wasted.  So, keep it straight to the point and do not overload your landing page with too many exits.

Do not forget that experimenting always leads to more effective approaches and better results.  Do not hesitate to make changes to see if they help you or not as experimenting is the only way to find out what works and what does not.

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