Google Nike shoes

Google Nike shoes – shoes for SEOs

The new Google Nike shoes – shoes for SEOs 😉

I would like buy such Google SEO shoes 😉 does anybody know where I can get them?

Google Nike shoes
Google Nike shoes
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13 thoughts on “Google Nike shoes – shoes for SEOs”

  1. The shoe in the picture is not real shoe. Look at the multicolored shoe laces. If you see this carefully, you will find that It is a computer modified image of a normal shoe.

  2. Travisjfisher

    look closely at the google logo on the shoe…theres no shadow where it curves a little bit

  3. Nice shoes. It has fine different colours in one pair. It’s pattern is good. I like this shoes. I have never seen this type of shoes. This is Nike’s shoes, so we can put trust on this shoes.

  4. hot shoes r they i  see you I will get them if it the last thing I do OK don’t by them but i still like peanut butter do u like them because if you dont i will put peanut butter in a sock and smack u with it haha

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