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Effective team work and collaboration

Teamwork explained

Teamwork explained

Our world and our society are constantly changing and services are becoming more complex and sophisticated as new technologies are becoming a big part of our daily lives, we are also facing a variety of challenges such energy sustainability and global warming.

Our old methods of solving problem are becoming obsolete and due to the complexion of our new problems, it has become necessary to adopt new approaches. We are here to define a new term and that is interdisciplinarity or more specifically interdisciplinary thinking, but what does that mean? Well, interdisciplinarity means the collaboration between different disciplines or areas of study to come up with innovating approaches during the creation process.

The creation process passes through 4 stages and they are:

– Research: this may take different approaches but it always has a sole goal and that is to increase the general knowledge about a specific subject.

– Concept: this consists in coming up with the craziest ideas possible to turn them later into revolutionary concepts and solutions.

– Evaluation: this is the study of the feasibility of the solutions we came up with during the concept phase.

– Team implementation: is to take action and put the product/service into production.

But how does team work and collaboration really do work? If you want to find out, watch the video below.

Watch this video on YouTube.

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