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The Pepsi Shaolin Monk boy Commercial Video

The Pepsi Shaolin Monk boy Commercial Video starts with a white boy knocking at the door of a monetary.

The monetary is the Shaolin Monastery or Shaolin Temple, is a Chán Buddhist temple at Song Shan near Zhengzhou City Henan Province in Dengfeng, China. The monetary was founded in the 5th century, the monastery is long famous for its association with Chinese martial arts and particularly with Shaolin Kung Fu and it’s the Mahayana Buddhist monastery perhaps best known to the Western world.

Story of the “Pepsi Shaolin Monk boy ad Video”:

An old man welcomes a white boy in a monetary with a face that says “what you want foreigner boy”. The old man leads him in to the monetary. It is the story of a boy learning from an old Buddhist Shaolin Monk master. After a view years training the, the boy has got a man, he demonstrates his raw power by flying around like Bruce Lee before breaking 3 bricks with his hands. He accomplished everything he dreamed of. Amazing the commercial ends by everyone celebrating with pepsi. Each monk downs a can of cola and sets it down in front of himself. There is a strange symbol on everyone’s for head. Suddenly the young Monk understands and slams his head down upon the empty pepsi can, crushing it flat. You guessed it, he has a huge “pepsi can print” on his forehead.

So the story tries to tell us that even Buddhist monks like Pepsi, who knows maybe even Monks drink Pepsi some times ;-). How ever the Pepsi Shaolin Monk boy Commercial Video is a great sample for a viral commercial advertising Video.

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