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SEO Website Review by the Experts

SEO Website Review by the Experts

Google Search Quality Team – SEO Website Review by the Experts (Google I/O 2009) – This is a one hour SEO video, what you should definitely take the time to watch if you anyhow interest in SEO.

By reviewing different Websites the Google Search Quality Team gives you very good tips how to create a SEO optimized Website.

This is the Topics the Video is about:

  • Bolding text and keyword density
  • link description
  • Spam, shadow domains, door way pages
  • Keep it simple as simple as possible
  • Page Rank, no follow
  • non www or www, using redirects and splitting PR
  • Images – small or large?
  • Video Ranking
  • Factors for Google indexing and ranking a pages

Watch this video on YouTube.