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The Power Of Cartoons

Patrick Chappatte - The Power of Cartoon The Power Of Cartoons

In this article I am going to talk about the Power of Cartoon and how far It can impact our lives and relationships. In my researches I found an article that exactly talks about this sensible case put up in a divertissement way.

This short video is a one man show presented by Patrick Chappatte. He is generally speaking about how cartoon is involved in politics and war, and what are the conflicts resulted from mal-uses of this powerful tool. He also discusses how the pencil can illuminate serious issues and bring the most unlikely people together in a humorous context using comedy to get closer to the public’s hearts and be able to deliver his message to them.

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The new WikiLeaks Roundtable

The new WikiLeaks Roundtable
There is a new form of WikiLeaks, the WikiLeaks Roundtable with this new WikiLeaks Video Forum, WikiLeaks talks to everyone around the world. In the past WikiLeaks have spoken to the public through the press, in future they will bring important news directly to the public domain, not filtered by intermediaries, with the full record available to all. Therefore will be hold regular conferences where WikiLeaks answer questions directly. Videos will be created by Julian Assange and other staff talking directly to public and answering peoples questions through videos and live chats. WikiLeaks will have a platform for viral videos and be running competitions for people to submit their work to. Read more

Hot Triggers – the power to change human behaviours!

Hot Triggers – the power to change human behaviours!
A hot trigger is a call to action that I can act on right away. An example would be a link in my email inbox that calls me to act, like an emails I get from Facebook that tells me that somebody has tagged one of my photos. So what is happening, first I just want check my emails and some minutes later I find myself spending time on a Facebook page looking photos, this behaviour wasn’t planed or let’s better say it was not planned by me, it was planned by some Facebook guys . Read more

The secrets of Facebook – Why is Facebook so successful?

The secrets of Facebook – Why is Facebook so successful?
There are lots of Social Media Platforms but not one is as successful as Facebook. Why? What makes Facebook more successful than other Social Media Platforms? What is the real secret behind the Facebook Success? I don’t believe that Facebook has a better usability or a better design than other Social Media Sites. Too Facebook does not have much better features then other Social Media Services like, MySpace, Friendfeed, Plaxo, Tumblr, etc. Read more

Google confirms that Social Media Links Influence SEO

Google confirms that Social Media Links Influence SEO
Does Google confirm that links from social media have influence on rankings? Over the past years Google has added many social search features. There has been talk about using social signals to help rank regular search results. Read more

How to get famous on the Internet

Julia Allisons Secrets of Self Promotion How to get famous on the Internet
Julia Allison’s Secrets of Self-Promotion! You want to become famous on Internet? A very specific advice from Julia Allison, do a sex video with a truly famous person and than put it online … Read more

Did You Know 3.0

Did you know 3.0
Did you Know?
  • China will soon become the Number One English speaking country in the world.
  • India has more honors kids than America has kids.
  • The top 10 in demand jobs in 2010 did not exist in 2004
  • We are currently preparing students for jobs that don't yet exist ...
  • We using technologies that haven't been invented in order to solve problems we don't even know are problems yet.
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Did You Know 4.0

Did You Know 4.0?

  • A surge of new technologies and social media innovations is altering the media landscape.
  • Convergence is everywhere. It’s easier than ever to reach a large audience, but harder than ever to really connect with it.
  • These changes are affecting the way people behave. Are you ready for the future?
  • Well over 1.000.000 books are published worldwide every year.
  • A Google Book scanner can digitize 1.000 pages every hour.
  • Americans have access to over: web pages, 65.000 iPhone apps, 10.500 radio stations, 5.500 magazines, 200+ cable tv networks
  • There are 240.000.000 TVs in the U.S.. 2.000.000 are in bath rooms.
  • When was the last time you read a newspaper in the loo?
  • Print circulation: Newspaper circulation is down 7 million over the last 25 years. Online Readers: But in the last 5 years, unique readers of online newspapers are up 30 million.
  • This year, traditional advertising is in steep decline. Newspapers 18,7 %, TV 10,1 %, Radio 11,7 %, Magacines 14,8 %.
  • Meanwhile, digital advertising is growing rapidly. Mobil 18,1 %, Web 9,2 %

This is another official update to the original “Shift Happens” video. This completely new Fall 2009 version includes facts and stats focusing on the changing media landscape, including convergence and technology, and was developed in partnership with The Economist. For more information, or to join the conversation, please visit and

Check the Did You Know 4.0 Video:

Watch this video on YouTube.

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Did You Know? Shift Happens Original Version 2.0

This Video was one of the first “Did You Know?” Videos. I like all of these Did You Know Videos they open our eyes and gives us a more global view on things that’s going on in the world.

Watch this video on YouTube.

Because we are educators in the United States, our experiences and perspectives are going to be somewhat America-centric. However, we believe that the themes of Did You Know? are global in nature and apply to schools and children around the world. We want all children to be successful. We do not view the growing importance of India and China as negative but rather as additional opportunities for everyone in the world. We do not mean to gloss over the very real issues that countries such as India and China face, and we recognize that globalization and “flat world” factors have downsides just like other societal shifts. We prefer, however, to focus on the positive benefits and on doing what we can to help children learn and grow so that they may become successful digital, global citizens.
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The International Guest Certified Hotel Award

The Hotel Europa was awarded with the International Guest Certified Hotel Award

Swiss, St. Moritz - Hotel Europa - International Guest Certified Hotel Award honouring

The International Guest Certified Hotel Award is particularly valuable for hotels, as it is not assigned by professional jurors but directly by the guests as a sign of their confidence.

The assignment of the International Guest Certified Award is based upon a very simple question:


If guests prefer a certain hotel and are prepared to recommend it to other guests as a kind of “insiders’ tip”, the answer will be “YES!” and the hotel will receive the International Guest Certified Award.

Classic Flair Hotel International Guest Certified Hotel Award honouring

Germany - Classic Flair Hotel International Guest Certified Hotel Award honouring

It is a fact that 70 % of all booking decisions are made on account of trust. This trust emanates from an emotional level. Thus, it makes sense if hotels that are emotionally fit show this to their guests. In order to do this they need interceders, because self praise is no recommendation.

International Guest Certified Hotels provide affiliated partner hotels with these interceders, that is to say with guests who sense all emotional attributes – hospitality, guest confidence, appreciation, acceptance, joy, fun, safety, well-being and security. Services, which usually can’t or can hardly be perceived, but the transparency of which is all the more important, can consequently be made visible.

Excelsior My Dolomiti Wellness Hotel South Tyrol

South Tyrol - Excelsior My Dolomiti Wellness Hotel - International Guest Certified Hotel Award Honoring

There are a lot of management consultants who like to disguise themselves as guests in order to act as mystery guests for hoteliers. These very elaborate and often costly analyses, which in many cases are of an almost scientific nature, cannot hide the fact that the results of these analyses do not come from real guest perceptions, but in fact merely mirror each management consultant’s opinion.

International Guest Certified Hoteliers prefers to obtain the guest feedback for there Hotels from real guests, therefore they decide to become a part of the International Guest Certified Hotels Community.

Palazzo Papaleo

South italy - Palazzo Papaleo Hotel Palazzo Papaleo * * * * *, Otranto, province Lecce in Apulien, International Guest Certified Hotel Award Honoring

This 1st community of “active hospitality” [International NGO founded 2004] is substantially different from most organizations which usually award mentions in the hotel and catering sector because it was founded by guests instead of by hoteliers.

Hotel Kreuz Award

Germany - Hotel Kreuz Award - International Guest Certified Hotel Award honouring

Be it stars, suns or smileys, most quality awards in the hotel sector tend to refer to a factual level, because this is what can very easily be perceived at first glance. This means more and better equipment = more stars, more suns, more smileys. Most organizations are not or only to a limited extent able to also recognize as a quality criterion and assess the emotional level, that is active hospitality, authenticity, appreciation, joy, fun, well-being, comfort and other qualities which are characteristic of the emotional competency of a guesthouse, but are quite difficult to measure.

IGC Hotel Award honouring Sonnenburg

Austria -Guesthouse Sonnenburg Riezlern - IGC Hotel Award honouring

The questions as to whether there is active hospitality in a hotel and whether you can really feel well in a hotel cannot be answered by hotel brochures or websites either.

For the reasons described above and because quality anyway depends on whether the guests’ expectations are met and not on the expectations of a professional commitee or of professional jurors who might sometimes be complacent, hotel guests have decided to take matters into their own hands.

Is your hotel an “oases of hospitality”? Please feel free to contact me me and lets speak about how your Hotel can become International Guest Certified Hotels.

Hotel zur Pfeffermuehle

Austria - Hotel zur Pfeffermuehle, St. Anton am Arlberg - International Guest Certified Hotel Award honouring

If guests book a room in an International Guest Certified Hotel, they know that guests have tested the hotel, found it good, labeled and certified it as a very popular hotel. The permission to use the “International Guest Certified Hotels” Lable will high up your conversion rate.

The International Guest Certified Hotel Certification and the distinction with the International Guest Certified Hotel Award can make your hotel more interesting for future guests and your hotel will gain new guests through the Certification.

Photos from the International Guest Certified Hotel Award Honoring

Palazzo Papaleo Hotel Palazzo Papaleo * * * * *

Otranto, province Lecce in Apulien, South italy