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Video Google Goggles App

Google Goggles App download
Google Goggles is an offer from Google that expands the the visual search for Android smartphones. The Google Goggles app will detect objects that are taken with cell phone cameras. Read more

Google Instant – Whats that?

Google Instant Searches the Web as You Type
Hi Google Instant can save 2-5 seconds per search! Let’s calculate, if we search 10 times a day with Google Instant we save 20 to 25 seconds a day, that’s 9.125 seconds a year, in 10 years thats around 25 hours, hmm … if I have calculated this right . But I think Google Instant does much more than just save our time. Read more

Google Realtime Search has a new home

Google Realtime Search
Google’s Realtime Search has a new home on and new tools to make your real-time search experience more comprehensive and faster. Learn how to set up your own Google Alerts for Realtime results and learn about Realtime’s geographic refinement and conversations feature. Realtime Search lets you see up-to-the-second social updates, news articles and blog posts about hot topics around the world . Read more

The future of Google News – Interview with Krishna Bharat

Google News
The Founder and head of Google News, Krishna Bharat spoke with David Nordfors, Founding Executive Director of the Stanford Center for Innovation and Communication at Stanford University, at the opening keynote session of IJ-7, the Seventh Conference on Innovation Journalism, at Stanford on June 9, 2010. Read more

The Biggest SEO Mistakes

biggest SEO mistakes
Which SEO likes to speak about the biggest SEO mistakes he did in past? Hi Rand Fishkin @randfish from SEOmoz (SEOmoz) speaks about SEO mistakes he did in past, that’s cool. Read more

Mayday Update Google May 2010

Mayday Update Google May 2010
Mayday Google Update – May 1st 2010 – will this day be remembered as the day when the long tail died? I don’t think so, but for sure web directories and online shop owners did notice the effects of Google’s so-called “May Day Update”. Around April 27th to May 5th a lot of sites noticed a loss of 5-25% of their normal long tail traffic. Read more