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KONY 2012

Kony 2012 Stop At Nothing

Celebrities like Justin Bieber, Emma Stone, Lady Gaga and Diddy have joined the viral campaign group "Invisible Children" to publicize Joseph Kony, a wanted war criminal.

If the name of Joseph Kony tells you nothing, you say that this is a matter of time, since several events are set in motion to put the spotlight this war criminal, but especially for him to finally grapple above.

In summary, Joseph Kony, the rebel leader of the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) which is active between Uganda and Sudan, is being sought around the world. An arrest warrant against him raged since 2005, but one that gathers crimes against humanity (rape, abduction of children as soldiers, looting, sexual slavery, murder, etc..) Is still at large. This story is true; unfortunately it's not a movie script.

It’s true that the campaign has begun in 2005, but the true beginning and pre-publicized phase has begun in 2003 in Uganda. The man who started all of this is called Jason Russell who travelled to Uganda in 2003 to make a documentary about the suffering happening there. People were suffering from hunger and danger all together. They can’t sleep at night because of the fear of getting abducted and are on a constant run. Who are they running from? And who wants to abduct them and why? It’s Joseph Kony. As I mentioned earlier, he is a rebel leader who kidnaps children; he gives the boys guns, makes them join his children army, makes them kill THEIR OWN parents and torture other people. As of the girls, they get raped and engaged into prostitution and sex slavery. As of now, 30.000 child have been abducted.

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How To Make Your Youtube Videos Viral

How_to_make_your_video_viral Make your youtube videos viral

Hello again YouTubers!! I know that you are roaming the YouTube site the whole day trying to promote for your YouTube Video and make it more viral, that's why today I am going to review this video that talks exactly about this issue. This Video is actually a Manual that shows how to easy share your youtube videos on most important Social Media to  How to make your YouTube Videos more VIRAL presented by Dereck Celis.

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What is The Providence Paradox

the_Providence_Paradox The Providence Paradox Interview

Welcome in another video review about the "Providence Paradox"! Today's video is pretty interesting as it is represents an interview between Scott Bernardo (the interviewer) and Rohit Deshpandé, Harvard Business School professor where the last describes ways that emerging market companies can overcome consumer bias against their products. Read more

Eric Schmidt speech at the IAB Annual Leadership Meeting 2011

Eric Schmidt speech at the IAB Annual Leadership Meeting 2011
Google CEO Eric Schmidt was the keynote speaker at the Internet Advertising Bureau Annual Leadership meeting in Palm Springs, California on February 27, 2011.Eric begins by speaking about “Joe Morning” statement that computers are “cold companions to humans.” Eric says Joe Morning is wrong. “Computers do what computers do best; humans do what humans do best.” So net is a win for humanity.Eric Schmidt too speaks about the Power of the Mobile web us in Internet Advertising, In his speech, he makes strong use of statistics gained from the recent Super Bowl and how the extremely expensive advertisements affected mobile search displaying a powerful impact. Read more

Hot Triggers – the power to change human behaviours!

hot_triggers Hot Triggers – the power to change human behaviours!
A hot trigger is a call to action that I can act on right away. An example would be a link in my email inbox that calls me to act, like an emails I get from Facebook that tells me that somebody has tagged one of my photos. So what is happening, first I just want check my emails and some minutes later I find myself spending time on a Facebook page looking photos, this behaviour wasn’t planed or let’s better say it was not planned by me, it was planned by some Facebook guys . Read more

Google confirms that Social Media Links Influence SEO

social_media_influence Google confirms that Social Media Links Influence SEO
Does Google confirm that links from social media have influence on rankings?Over the past years Google has added many social search features. There has been talk about using social signals to help rank regular search results. Read more

Review of the 1st Austrian SEO Conference SEOkomm 2010



The 1st Austrian SEO Conference “SEOkomm” was a fully successful SEO event.

My review of the SEOkomm 2010.

The echo from the SEO community regarding the SEOkomm is with one accord positive. In future the the German speaking SEO scene will not only for skiing and snowboarding visit Austria, the “Who’s Who” of german speaking SEO specialists will from now on meet once a year at the SEOkomm in Salzburg to interchange there SEO know-how.


Google’s SEO Starter Guide PDF download

search_engine_optimization_starter_guide_600 Google

The Googlebot is crawling content on the Internet for Google's index every day, every night, non stop.

The Google Seach Engine Optimization Starter Guide explains various points on search engine optimization (SEO)!

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